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Hello Lovely’s, I'm Kerri Foster.

I am a single mom of one, and our lifestyle is a concoction of schooling from home, and running three businesses, all while reverting to our grassroots.


I have a desire for women to feel purposeful, inspired, and empowered again. I want them to know they have a special assignment the Lord designed especially for them, and to accomplish this task, resting is imperative. Not just physical rest but rest that comes from surrender, obedience, and trusting Lord.

I am a firm believer that this generation needs REST. We need the "sit on the front porch and drink a glass of sweet tea" kind of rest. We need an internal peace that comes from stopping our daily lives, making time for Jesus and investing in others. Carving out time to listen to the Lord, and have the space to do what He says.

I am learning how to rest physically by not pushing my limits, and knowing when to say No! No to culture, and what it requires of us. Declaring NO! to damaging my body with harmful foods and chemicals that wreak havoc on my body, thus making me too tired and stressed to pursue the will of God in my life. 

I am saying No! to doubt and fear and placing all my trust in God. I have settled in my mind that God knows best. If my dreams are not panning out, it’s not because the Lord doesn’t hear me, but He has something better. I have learned to surrender. When I am striving, there is something that is out of alignment in my life, and usually stems from using my might, not Gods. Lastly, I have learned that through obedience comes the overflow of blessings from the Lord. All I need to do is trust, surrender and obey. 

Finally, after years of the Lord teaching me, I am at a place where I am saying Yes, yes to the simple life, eating right, less stress, more sleep, more intentional time with my daughter, making an impact for His kingdom and most of all morning coffee with my heavenly Father. I have learned to prioritize my life and to do so I need to say No! I am not perfect at this by no means, but at least I am on a journey where I recognize it, and I can realign my life to where it needs to be. The journey to find Rest is a lifelong process but is bringing my family a joy we have never experienced, and blessings that are underserved. 

I hope to bring you alongside us and be empowered to live a life that God intended you to have.

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