A Little About Me.

Let me start with telling you a little about me! I am an 8 wing 7 enneagram, single mom, Jesus lover, entrepreneur, wellness coach, softball instructor, gym owner, and fastpitch enthusiast. That should be enough for now.

I was a very energetic, passionate, and driven softball player. I was determined to win and succeed in life. This enthusiasm overflowed into my career as a pitching coach, and as an owner of a local travel ball organization.

It was hard at first because my passion for the game and determination to win was easily mistaken as CRAZY. LOL! And that’s an understatement. There was a whole lot of screaming and intensity, to say the least.

However, everything changed when I had my little one out there. Well, maybe not everything. Maybe on a scale from 1-10, I dropped from a 15 to a 10. And you know your own daughter gets the bunt end of the deal.

At six she was playing 8u and expected to keep up with the other 8u, work at least every other day, and you know our team had to at least keep up with the other local organizations out there. We had to be the best.

Let’s fast forward to 12 and under. I may have been about a 7-8 on the scale now. I was getting better (only because I had an amazing daughter that taught me that life is not about winning) I about fell out when she told me that.

I not only had a wakeup call but quickly learned she didn’t really have what it took to play softball at a high level. Not because of talent, but her passion was not the same as mine and subsequently, her personality wasn’t either.

After 12u, my coaching career ended; however, I was still doing lessons. I liked this side better anyway. I’m always the nice gal. I’m not getting yelled at because one of the girls on my team wasn’t playing, parents aren’t storming off when they didn’t get their way, or their daughter moved to a different position or if she moved from 4th batter to 5th. You guys know exactly what I am talking about.

As a pitching coach, I can always be encouraging, believing in them and seeing their best without the pressure to perform. I can see their natural progress without comparison to others their age. I can correct their attitude without feeling like a failure or not enough.

Lessons are where the magic happens. It’s the place they come to feel good about themselves, to get better, to release fear and all the emotions from their day; it’s a place to find themselves.

It’s in these moments they dig deep and find the love of the game; they are challenged, encouraged, and feel success. It’s in the grind where they realized their greatness.

And I get to call this work.

Coach K