Dad, Do you love me?

Many of us girls live for those (2-3 times a week) our dad makes time out of his busy schedule to spend time with us. The times when we have his undivided attention and crave to hear a good job, or I’m proud of you.
But for some, this practice time and attention are not healthy. As a little girl, our hopes and happiness are in binging a smile to his face and making him proud. However, that is not exactly how it plays out….

As a parent, coach, and daughter, I have realized the pressure placed on our dads. Not only do you have the burden of balancing work and family, but now taking on the position of raising your daughter well. In the world of softball, as a parent, we worry about playing time, fairness, friends, money, scholarships, and the list can go on. But in all this, I remind you do not compromise your relationship with your daughter. It’s not worth it.

I am speaking from experience. Former college athlete to top organization in the southeast to mom and coach of an 8u team. I have had to wear many hats. Hats I wasn’t proud to wear. In my ambition, drive, determination, and will to win, I regret most of my good intentions. You know, I just couldn’t get those 8u girls to care like I did. LOL However, I did learn from my mistakes, and I try to share them with my students and the softball community.

Here is one of them.

Girls need a present encouraging dad! One that is proud and lifts her, encourages and speaks to her worth! Be the one that speaks things that aren’t as though they are. That believes more for her than she could ever think for herself.

This dad, is what will make your daughter flourish more than anything. Her dad’s approval and acceptance will bring confidence, courage, strength, and boldness.
You will light a fire in her and make things that aren’t possible, possible!

I encourage you to watch your tongue! Speak words of life to your daughter, without yelling, cursing, and spewing your pride, anger, doubts, and worries on her.
If she is lazy speak, “you may not be working hard, but "YOU are a hard worker." When speaking life, you are speaking into what she is, and what she should believe about herself, not how she is acting. Once she knows who she is and can be, she will believe it and become it.


Think about the confidence she will have when she is told what and who she is, rather than what she isn't.


Belief is 90 percent of the battle! Get them to believe they are great! They can do it! They are successful!

Through all of this, you are not only loving her, showing her what she can be, but she is seeing what kind of man she wants in her life. You are leaving a lifelong imprint of what a man should look like in her future.

Therefore, when it’s dating time, she will not accept a man that spews anger and yelling, but the one that speaks well of her. Once she has experienced the real thing, she won’t fall for a fake.

And for those without a father or one that is not present, know you are loved and cherished by your heavenly father. He is always proud of you.


Kerri Foster