A New Season


Back in 2016, the Lord started a new season in my life. He was disrupting my mundane comfort zone and was about to take me on the ride of my life. I didn't know anything about this ride yet, but ya know when you can just feel He is up to something.

During this particular season, I could tell He was moving me. God was making me uncomfortable in my cozy comfort corner. My flesh was totally content while my insides were stir crazy. Looking back, I'm glad I didn’t know everything that was happening. However, I am thankful God showed me a glimpse of His provision for my life and empowered me to run.

The captivating thing about God is, when He is moving and up to something He has a lot of tricks up His sleeve. I like to call these, intentional surprises.For me, these surprises always start with God challenging me on the inside to dream bigger. He invites me to step out of what is comfortable and to rise to the occasion. I have learned to ask God, once I am settled, what’s next Lord?

I believe it’s the external movement that allows for the internal shift. What I mean is, once we get the vision, or the feeling of knowing God is moving, we must make that first step to start the process. Once our faith is activated, God releases the internal change that comes with it. 

This external movement started when God gave me a vision for a new home. He desired to release me from my comfort zone of living in the same house, doing the same stuff, in the same routine, and thrust me forward, propelling my heart to change. I, however, had no desire for movement. I was entirely comfortable where I was and, to tell you the truth, alittle fearful about what was to come. But it was through the move to a new physical location that motivted my heart.

This journey to find rest began when I was struggling physically. I was happy and content, but had a constant physical exhaustion that no rest could shake. I was experiencing panic attacks due to a busy, I can do-it-all attitude, that was fueled by an inner striving for self-reliance. I always believed hard work could achieve anything. 

Self-reliance to God-reliance

During this time, God was shifting me from self-reliance to God-reliance. He was showing me, you might be able to get it done, but at what expense. If you partner with God and trust Him there's another way, a peaceful way, that brings me glory and refreshes your soul.  

The next few years became a tug-of-war between rest and control, obedience and independence, trust and self-reliance. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my experiences where I had to choose between these, and how I was able to overcome them, leading me to enter God’s divine dependency and refreshing rest.

I hope to bring you on this journey with me as I share how I daily experience these struggles and inspire you to relinquish control and trust in God.


External movement allows for an internal shift

What external movement has God placed on your life that will activate His Heavenly motion. What do you need to say, "Yes" to? 

More on this journey to come, I hope you join me. How can I pray for you today?


Love Ya, Xoxo




Kerri Foster