Shopaholic vs Stewardship


There's something about a new bag!

I will have to say, I am one of “those women” who always liked a new, cute bag. I mean there’s something about carrying around a new, cute bag with all my stuff neatly organized in it. It can make you feel good! But, just because it feels good, is it good for you?

Hold up, what did I say?

That sounds crazy! How does that happen? I don’t even know! But all I know is, it’s got to change.

Lately, I have been convicted of how I steward my blessings and a desire has been birthed to honor what God and to not be wasteful. I want to be aware of what I have been blessed with and to steward it well. I am changing my mindset and setting some boundaries. I know there are some luxuries in my life that I probably need to get a grip on and I am realizing I have attached feelings to things. Whether it be sentimental from a family member, a keepsake from a lost one, or just plain, “I like to shop because it’s fun”, attaching feelings to things will always leave you feeling empty and looking for more.

I’m not saying anything is wrong with shopping. I can shop with the best of them. However, I think during this season, God has asked me to dream again. To ask the question: “ok, what’s next?" What is on your agenda and how can I best prepare for it? To do this it takes discipline, awareness, goals, and aspirations. I have to know what is my “why” behind not partaking in my forms of entertainment (shopping, designing, decorating).

I am taking a season of rest to get organized and on a budget. I know it will take filtering priorities through the lens of trying to honor God with everything I have been given. I am dreaming with God and making a vision board to know where I am going, and how I will get there. I am detaching all my feel-good feelings and desires for shopping and saying, “no for now”, because I know God has bigger plans, and I am resting in His provision!

Who wants to be on this track with me? Who needs realignment in their finances and goals? Who is ready to partner with God to do BIG things?


Jesus! Forgive me for not honoring you with everything I have and for taking advantage of the blessings you have given me. I give you control over my finances, dreams, visions, goals, and abilities. Use it all for your glory and kingdom. Give me new dreams as I partner with you. Overflow in me wisdom, to accomplish all the dreams you have for me. Help me to steward everything you have given me for your glory. I bind every evil attack and mindset the enemy has brought against me, and every lie I have believed. I set my mind on things above, not things of this earth. I pray this in your majestic name.


Kerri Foster