Get Oils Free!

Every month Young Living honors those that are ordering from them. 

On the first of every month, they will send out an email and post on their site the monthly promos.

These promos start at 100pv. PV is personal volume. If you look at your total right above it, it will say your pv amount. 

At 100pv on essential rewards, you will get a free oil.

Also at 190, 250, and 300 pv there are always amazing freebies that will come with your order. Don't forget to check the promos out before you order.

Now listen up! You do not have to spend the total 300pv by yourself. You can post on Facebook or Instagram that you are placing an order with Young Living and you will give them free shipping and wholesale price if they want to jump on your order. 

So you can combine orders with family and friends to reach the promo of your choice and to receive all the free oils.

So never leave anyone out on all this goodness. Start sharing today.