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Pay online.Video Sessions- face time- are available upon request.


Online Sessions


To schedule online sessions email

  • Video lessons
    65 for 30 minute lesson 
    You will have a private one-on-one session through face time 
    You will be given drills for the week that pertain to the adjustments we are working on. 

    3 video assessments 
    You will send 3 videos of no more than 3 of the same pitch on each video. Each video can be different pitches.

    For example 
    1st video 3 curve balls 
    2nd 3 riseballs
    3rd 3 Change-ups

    You can PayPal me at


Online Courses

If you do not have the finances to see a coach weekly, or maybe there isn’t one around, now you can have elite training in your pocket. There is no excuse to get better. No more watching you tube videos and getting confused by all the different personal opinions that are out there. You will have one system that will take you through the Fastball and all the other pitches, while having a community to ask questions and gain more insight.


Online Community


Online Community (coming soon)

Our heart behind this online community is to further enhance your ability to play the game of softball. Whether you are here to receive elite coaching, ideas for personal practices, or enrich your mental game, our hopes are that through our courses and community you can be your own best coach.

College Videos and Recruiting

  • 450 for pitching only

  • 550 all skills video

  • You will receive a 2-5 minute edited you tube video to email to coaches.


Summer Camp


Summer Camp is a 4 day camp, focusing on fielding, hitting, and pitching. Myself and 2 graduating committed seniors will teach beginning and advanced techniques. They will be separated by ability and age to work on the drills, We keep the groups small 5-6 per instructor so they can get plenty of individual time.

We will include mental strategies, competition, pressure, fun and games to make this an exciting and eventful week for the girls. There are only 20 spots and each camp gets more and more advanced as we take them through the summer.

Dates for 2019

July 8-11

July 29-Aug 1