Fear Has No Choice But To Bow

We have a choice!

In moments where fear tries to penetrate our lives, and worry attempts to force us to abandon every bit of faith we have, we have a CHOICE!


What do we do when we feel bombarded by the “what if’s”? A single thought can become paralyzing if we allow it to fester and not take it captive. Instead, choose JESUS!

This week I was faced with difficult lies the enemy enticed me to believe. I had the option to listen and accept these lies or combat them with God’s Word. Satan’s plan was to birth the evil he designed for me by persuading me to believe them.

Have you ever been in this situation? Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize this is not my thought, it’s Satan’s. Well, that is precisely what happened this particular day. It took about an hour as I processed my thoughts before I said, “I am not going to believe this. I am going to believe that God is good, and this is not what He has planned for my life.”

About that time I received a reminder on my phone that said, “Who are you partnering with today?”

This reminder was from a sweet friend who asked me this exact question on a day I was struggling. I immediately typed it into my phone because I knew I would need this at a future time. As I looked down to read it, it was an instant reminder that I was not partnering with God, but with fear. These reminders on my phone pop up throughout the day and remind me of promises, quotes, and prophecies that have been spoken to me. What a perfect time for this one to pop up on my phone! All I can say is God has perfect timing!

I have some of the sweetest friends in my life. You know the kind that can call you out and still make you feel loved and valued. If you don’t have that friend like that, pray for one. She is out there. Ask God to bring her into your life. It is crucial you write stuff down like this and make it a reminder on your phone because I have realized how quickly I will forget these beautiful nuggets God has placed in my heart.

This reminder allowed me to shift my perspective to God and it brought immediate peace. It was a reminder to take my thoughts captive and align them with Gods promises. I immediately put on worship music and found this particular song and played it over and over. This was the first time to hear it, and it changed everything in an instant. The words say

Fear has no choice but to bow.

Chains have no choice but to break.

Shame has no choice but to leave.

In your presence.

The words in this song are so powerful! I challenge you today if you are going through something just know in His presence fear has no choice but to bow, chains have no choice but to break, and shame has no choice but to leave!

Listen to this song, it will help you align your situation and struggles with the Lord’s truth, giving you a new perspective. I pray that you will encounter God’s presence and enter into His peace. If you have been struggling with fear, pray this prayer to help you break free.


Father, I need you. I need your presence to fall and to encounter your peace. Lord release fear, worry, and doubt in my life. Forgive me for partnering with these lies in my life, Release me from the snare of the enemy by revealing Your truth and plan for my life. Show me, Lord, where you are in my circumstances and make sense of it all. I love you.


Kerri Foster